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  1. A thing I have been considering is making a seperate resource dictionary that contains all the colors and brushes so you can easily change the palette of the application or making it flat by changing gradient brushes to solid color brushes whithout having to scan all the styles.

    Erno de Weerd Reply

  2. Can you please provide a link for the code of “small utility that displays how many resource dictionaries are used by the recipe browser”

    Vikas Amin Reply

  3. I’m working on another changeset for the recipebrowser, which will also contain a separate patch that you can apply. This patch will contain the utility that allows you to see the number of resource dictionaries and the instances of the dictionaries that are loaded.

    willemm Reply

  4. Any update on your utility to display resource dictionary information? Would it be possible for you to post the code? This would be a very handy utility! Thanks!

    Richard Reply

  5. Hi. You stated “If you work with Visual Studio 2010, it’s a bit different, you need add a new ResourceDictionary file to the project and create the style or template there.”

    Seems easy enough, but exactly how? If I attempt to Add > New Item, I do not see Resource Dictionary as a possible item.

    kjartan93 Reply

  6. HI kjartan93,

    You can find it under Add new item –> Silverlight –> Resource dictionary.

    willemm Reply

  7. can you post the code of the app’ that counts the dictionaries?

    Shemesh Reply

  8. can you post the code of the app’ that counts the dictionaries?


    Alfredo Valencia Yescas Reply