1. I frequently encounter messages saying “How to sell things online and make money”, so I think you have to look for an other (even geekier?) solution.

    By the way, I think all the attributes and operations of Product you named in your example apply to Car too …


  2. Erno: your word was spread and a first book is already available: Thing-Oriented Programming!



  3. Awesome! I didn’t know that… too bad it was published in 2004… ah well… I honestly never heard of it before.

    As for your first remark: yes, that is one of the very interesting side effects of getting the classes at an abstraction level that is too high; in the end you’ll endup with object with very generic attributes and operations. The problem is that you’ll miss out on specific attributes and operations.

    Erno de Weerd

  4. An interesting book (in my opinion) that adresses the topic of matching your class model with the domain model is:



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