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  1. Hi, I have an issue. I have created an extnreal list that also inserts new items into SQL server database. In my sql table there are two columns of “datetime” data type that take value in the following format: 2010-08-14 00:00:00.000 when an entry is made directly or data import is done from excel to SQL server table. but when I use SharePoint extnreal list to insert data to SQL server, it makes a wrong entry for the date. eg. If i select 12-Aug-2010 from date time picker, it submits date as following in SQL table: 2010-08-11 18:30:00.000. It always save sdate of one day before the date selected in date picker of infopath form. How can I save the exact date selecetd from extnreal list infopath form to SQL server. ANy help is much appreciated.date selecetd in sharepoint extnreal list new item form: 12- Aug- 2010Saved in SQL table as: 2010-08-11 18:30:00.000

    Ayesha Reply

    • Is there a time difference on the different servers?

      Niels Naglé Reply