1. I think this code will do the same thing:

    Sub UpdateAllFields()
    Dim oStory As Range
    Dim oField As Field
    For Each oStory In ActiveDocument.StoryRanges
    For Each oField In oStory.Fields
    Next oField
    Next oStory
    End Sub


    • Fantastic! Just what I needed.


      • amazing very short and soooper and dooper solution …….. u rock

        Mubashir Aziz

  2. I just can’t believe I have suffered for so long.

    Thank You


  3. @TJ90 : There sure is room for improvement for the macro.

    I am not too sure about your solution, as my question is:
    Will it work when I have a field within a header, where the header is used in the table of contents (for example). As the TOC is already updated before the header is…

    The macro I use has never failed any combination so far. Therefore I prefer to stick to it, although I realize it is probably quite overdone. Strange though that MS never really fixed this issue.

    Richard Zaat

  4. I’m not sure this works 100%, but it worked for me: Ctrl-A F9.

    Hans Geurtsen

    • Thanks Hans, It works every time. Sometimes the simplest way is the better way.


  5. Problem with Ctrl-A F9 is that it will not update the Header and Footer and some separate sections.

    This did work in older versions of MS Word (You could then use the ‘layout view’ and Ctrl-A F9, which would update all), but somehow it no longer works.

    Richard Zaat

  6. To update headers & footers, the quick work around is to open the print preview.

    Shai ADAR

    • This almost(!) works… But not all fields are update perfectly, e.g. the table of contents. TJ90’s solutions works better, for me.


  7. I have reloaded my office. Thanks


  8. Best solution so far from Shai Adar. I had the same problem and this works just fine.

    Creative Senses

  9. Select all
    Right click anywhere there isn’t a reference and choose “Update Field”
    This will update fields, tables of contents, figures, etc. throughout the whole doc.


  10. Doug,

    That would usually work for the document contents, but not the header and the footer. And when you have references containing references (e.g. a reference in a header, which influences the ‘index’).


    Richard Zaat

  11. Hi Richard,

    Thank you very much. I am also experienced this problem and wondered that Microsoft should include a function like this.
    Kind regards


  12. When I run the macro, it does not update fields in the headers of following sections that are cross-referenced to bookmarked text in the first section header. The headers themselves are not linked.

    Jim Worthy

  13. Fields in TextBoxes in headers and footers are not updated either


  14. Any update to this macro? It doesn’t seem to be working for me with fields in the header in section 2 of the document. The code posted by TJ90 back in ’10 doesn’t work either. Thx.

    Richard Belthoff

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