1. […] Using AppHarbor, Bitbucket and Mercurial with ASP.NET and Silverlight – Part 1 – Erno de Weerd is running a series of posts (already up to part 3) which examine building a web based application using ASP.NET and Silverlight, along with using Mercurial, BitBucket and AppHarbor hosting, walking step by step through the process of creating the application. […]

    The Morning Brew - Chris Alcock » The Morning Brew #975

  2. When I tried it, in Bitbucket I had to allow read access to user “apphb” on my test repository.
    Before doing that I always got an error message in AppHarbor.

    But none the less, this is a great article. A great way of trying out things in ASP.NET an Silverlight.
    Thank you.


  3. Sam, you are correct. I forgot to put that in the steps. Thank you. I will add it.

    Erno de Weerd

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