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  1. Can you throw more light on how to map a selection stored procedure to a custom entity? A code sample will help. The problem when I try to do this is that the designer insists on a mapping for the resultset, which is pointless, since it is a output only stored procedure.

    Abhijit Talukdar Reply

  2. Hi,

    This is a problem with ADO.NET entity framework 3.5, it’s impossible to map a stored procedure to a resultset, unless you create a table that matches the structure of the resultset that is returned by the stored proc.

    If you want full support for stored procedures I suggest you take a look at ADO.NET entity framework 4 that’s available as part of .NET framework 4.

    willemm Reply

  3. I am running entity framework 4.0 and still cannot find what you mean by importing selects to the CDL. Providing the steps as you did with the model association would be a big help!

    Michael Eber Reply