1. ..um no, im in US and im using N editions,

    i hate the bundled WMP, every time you finish playing something it tries to connect to the net and send out info about what you just played, bullshit


  2. So, disable it easily in Options


  3. Listen to some better music so that you are not embarrased by what you are playing.

    This is what happens when lawyers get involved with something they don’t understand. Ahh, the good old days when the only people that used computers were people that knew how to use computers…

    I remember buying a text editor, do you hate notepad too?


  4. rug piss off with the old guru crap


  5. ‘yeah’ is just a n00b who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. companies like Real should understand that if a user does not know of other alternative media players then they are not the ones to target. leave msft to pre-bundle whatever they want, its their os. if u want another media player & you know how to get it & make it the default player then you should be able to do so without the european union suing for it.


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