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  1. Thanks so much. I messed around with changing permissions, but somehow I never had the right settings to allow me to delete the files.

    Hao Beantwoorden

  2. Excellent, been looking for that for ages. Just one thing. In standard XP the Security Tab is hidden by default. More MickeySoft garbage. Don’t forget to go enable the Security tab in the Folder Options before applying the above.


    Dave Bray Beantwoorden

  3. Oh my christ, the sheer effort required to do all that. I had those folders renamed, moved, sorted, exchanged, ugh. And to top it all off, I have simple filesharing enabled, I didn’t think to enable it and sort out the permissions. Cheers!

    Tass-AJ Beantwoorden

  4. Thank you so much.

    Sergey Beantwoorden

  5. The only thing I can say is thank you

    Dee Beantwoorden

  6. i had xpsp2 installed with vista64 rc1,dual boot ws workin fine. Then i installed vista64 but i dunno y i lost th dual boot option and only vista ws workin. after tht i reinstalled xp n lost vista n now i cant del vista. can u please help me

    john Beantwoorden

  7. i mean i lost th dual boot option fr xpsp2 (i think thts obvious right)

    john Beantwoorden

  8. This articles descrbies the steps to use I think.. The steps are written to be performed when you are logged into XP and so no Vista files will be locked.
    Which steps are giving you problems?

    Raimondb Beantwoorden

  9. i am a noob…so i needed more detailed steps under owner and permissions tab

    john Beantwoorden

  10. The trick is to right click on the folder you want to delete, then select properties. In this dialog you find the tabs I speak of.

    Raimondb Beantwoorden

  11. actually i ws not gettin past th steps under th tabs – owner and permission. i am th administrator and it shows here administrator and my name. so wht do i hv to choose.

    john Beantwoorden

  12. Nice, but I tried everything but I don’t get the map with the ownership….

    Remco Beantwoorden

  13. Yeah, thanx, but maybe its important to say that if you have enabled simplified sharing, in properties aren’t these tabs with ownership. To disable simplified sharing read this: http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb%3Ben-us%3B307874&x=10&y=11 and now rigt click on the folder you want to delete and….

    Timo Beantwoorden

  14. So could anyone tell me why is a Vista file in use by an XP process? O_o
    The “xrwcscci.dll” for instance.

    Alex Beantwoorden

  15. I’ve deleted Windows Vista and now I cannot remove the folder by myself. What should I do?

    Riste Beantwoorden

  16. tnx man it worck

    eizhak Beantwoorden

  17. I am using a software named Unlocker to delete these files, and it’s working, but it is very slow.

    Shishir Beantwoorden

  18. good stuff… took me a while to work it out but i got it working in the end, thanks very much for this post!

    peter Beantwoorden

  19. Thank you very much, you just helped me with a problem that I tried to solve for a long time now.. 🙂 Happy New Year !

    orjan Beantwoorden

  20. I did this and the files where removed BUT the free disk space did not change!

    Now I have no files to delete and no space…

    Can anyone help me on this?

    AirbornG Beantwoorden

  21. Got it..

    The files only show up on the recycle bin if your’re logged in with the user that deleted them. So be sure to empty the bin with the admin user or shift+delete in the first place.

    AirbornG Beantwoorden