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  1. Thanks, I used VS 2005 for the first time today and this was the first problem I had

    Charles Perry Reply

  2. awesome. i knew i wasn’t loosing my mind. somehow i had five projects in one solution, rebooted, and then i could only open one at a time when i opened the solution again. thanks!!

    jeremy Reply

  3. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Why wouldn’t you default it to always show… typical of Microsoft to make a dumb decision like that.

    DogMan Reply

  4. I’m glad I found this page because I was losing it too. 🙂

    Dave Reply

  5. Man, I was about to re-install Visual Studio… I would think that would be checked by default.

    Adrian Reply

  6. Gr8. I was surprized, how to add more projects in my web solution. This was really helpful in viewing the solution in the solution explorer.

    Gaurav Reply

  7. I couldn’t find the “Project and Solution” section for the longest time. Then, I saw the little checkbox, tucked away at the bottom, that says “Show all settings”. So by default, you can’t even see the “Project and Solution” settings.

    Ray Reply

  8. This drove me insane for about half an hour. Thank you so much!

    Jim Reply

  9. hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was also facing the same problem…
    this shud not be the deafault setting…. its really dumb thing I have ever seen

    thanx a lot for sharing information,….

    Shekhar- INIQUUS- PUNE Reply

  10. Thank you!! I thought I was going crazy.

    DirtyWhiteBoy Reply

  11. i developed a database using ASP.NET and SQL. whenever i open my default file it takes different local host number. how to stop this?

    s.suresh Reply

  12. Thanks, this helped me to fix my problem.

    Vikram Reply

  13. Thanks, great to find your post. I was wondering how much time it will take to fix this issue , using google, 2 minutes only.


    Ajay Reply

  14. Thanks. Exelent tip!

    Max Reply

  15. At least you can open your solution. After installing VS2005 SP1 on Vista 32,
    I can’t open the solution files! I’ve deleted the sou to no avail.
    I haven’t tried rebooting but this is after I booted up in the morning. How buggy.

    pickedaname Reply

  16. great….I had a DLL project , and had a separate project for debugging. Now they are in one solution. Thanks a lot.

    kenboo Reply

  17. Thank you. I was playing with it and it drived me crazy. Why Microsot did anything like that. STUPID!!!
    Thank you so much!

    Petr Reply

  18. Out of the box thinking if this was not a default setting. Did someone say productivity??

    Harsa Reply

  19. Thanks by the info, simple but useful.

    Nahuel Reply

  20. Thank you!

    One of the stupidest “features” I’ve ever seen.
    Why would one ever want to NOT show the solution, and so hide the other projects??
    I want 40 mins of my life back.

    Vlad Reply

  21. Thanks for posting this. I was just trying hook up multiple projects in a solution like I had done in VS 2003. I would say that it is pretty bone headed of Microsoft to hide this option. I’m glad I used solutions in VS 2003, otherwise I may have thought that one project was the best we could hope for.

    Katherine Reply

  22. thanks buddy…this one made me go crazy….thanks for the info

    Guru Syntel Reply

  23. Hero!

    Agree with the sentiments about the default setting being to not show the solution structure. As Bill Gates might say, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

    James Collett Reply

  24. Thanks! This tip is still useful for VS2008 too!

    Ted Reply

  25. Thanks for a quick tip.

    Jakub Reply

  26. Thank Raimond. Just discovered your explaination. I agree with others who’ve suggested this is one of the dumbest changes every in a Microsoft product. You have to wonder what moron in Redmond approved hiding the solution as the default?

    mikeg3 Reply

  27. Thanks Raimond, fixed the problem in no time with this tip.
    – Wouter from Unive

    Wouter Reply

  28. Grr. I just had the same problem.. knew there had to be a setting somewhere.. was about to re-install thinking surely it wouldnt be set like that by default.

    Rob Reply

  29. Thanks

    Ranish.P Reply

  30. Great!!! It works….

    Deepu Nair Reply