1. Martijn and I had exactly the same problem, good to hear we weren’t the only ones who had that problem.


  2. I encountered the same problems as well.
    Have your tried the ‘clean solution’ feature? It seems to solve a lot of the caching problems for me…
    Whenever I encounter a problem with designers in VS, I close the workflow, click ‘clean solution’ and reopen the workflow. Most of the times, this solves it for me (not always). 🙂


  3. Same problem here, rebuilding or cleaning the project and/or solution didn’t help 🙁
    any other ideas?

    I can’t get this fixed


  4. Well, most of the time you will see an exception that is thrown in the constructor of the workflow. By adding a try/catch block there(arround the initializeComponent) and debugging the workflow by starting a new instance of VS.NET might lead you to the problem. By addign a breakpoint in the catch block and inspecting the call stack you might be able to find where the problem is caused and solve the problem.


  5. today we discovered that it will help if you go to the %temp% folder and delete all files there (can be allot) That is the place where temp files are created for the workflow environment as well and removing them and then restarting vs.net solved the problem for us. Hope that might help too.


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