1. This is really informative. Can you please tell that Can we customize all such events? i.e. Can I add my New Events to list of these events? How can I customize alerts on some perticular customize events?

    I really need to know this.

    Chital Panchal
    s/w Eng.


  2. How can i invoke a out of box service after some event occure in TFS, like i want to invoke one window service that will deal with some other functianilty in my project after successfully completion of my build. how can achieve this fuctionality ? how can i modify BuildStatusChangeEvent.

    Abhishek Joshi

  3. Well very simple. Make a Webservice that can recieve the TFS event and from that you just invoke the service you want. I don’t know what you mean by “Changing” the BuildStatusChangeEvent. You can’t change existing events, you can react on them by taking a subscription (Via OM or BisSubscribe.exe). From that point on, you can do what you want with the event.(Except canceling it)


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