1. Hi Marcel,
    Beautiful whitepaper! I have a couple of comments:
    1. Your interpretation of IEEE’s Views and Viewpoints is good but I wonder for those unfamiliar with the concept of a Viewpoint that your description could leave them a bit skewed. Viewpoints are more than just a way to “formalize the fine-grained activities that create and modify work products.” We use them in our group and tend to leand toward their prescriptive nature as a means of describing an artifact. Sort of close to how the IASA’s Functional Viewpoint description of describing a system architecture.
    2. You tend to describe system quality similarly to how SEI’s PSP/TSP methodology defines it as a measure of defects. I like this but think that there is more to the story regarding system quality and would add to that definition defects in system quality attributes such as Flexibility, Maintainability, Reusability, etc. This gives the ability to measure both the level of quality of the solution to meet the business needs once released and a measure of system quality to meet the business needs in the future. That is, if you subscribe to the notion of improving system quality improves the ability of that system to whithstand changes in the business (and IT for that matter) and helps avoid rip-and-replace situations.

    Again, awesome document. Thanks!

    Gabriel Morgan

  2. Hi Marcel,

    That is a very good whitepaper on MSDN. That is precisely what we want to do for our users but I’d like to know how to create Custom Wizard pages? The UI screen you published on MSDN as the wizard page, I would like to plug-in something similar using a custom process template; the question is how. I’ve looked around on MSDN but nothing really mentions that bit.

    Don’t need any code examples but any pointers/hints would be appreciated.



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