1. Had the same issue a while ago; in my case a downloaded ISO was corrupted. I should have blogged about it then. [:$] Thanks for posting it now!


  2. This was our point exactly the other night, wasn’t it? [;)] [*-)]


  3. well to be honest, i thought last time that I had f**ked up, so I did not post, but it seems that it was not my fault after all last time, it looks like there are some broken images on the internet.

    Eric Denekamp

  4. The strange thing is that the image isn’t completely broken; if it were, why does the setup portion actually start?

    I tried to mount the same image to the same VM afterwards, and I do see the folder structure and files. When I try to run the setup however, I get an error message stating that

    “setup.exe – Bad Image

    D:SourcesSPWIZENG.DLL is either not designed on Windows or it containts an error.”

    What threw me off was the fact that the setup did start, and only failed at the point where it was going to ask me which disk to install Windows on.

    So yes, the ISO was unusable, but in my case it didn’t show up immediately. The fault was not with the ISO as I had it originally, but rather with the copy made to the server. The same image was used on a physical DVD to install the host, so I know it to be good. Perhaps a checksum should be provided with the images to verify their integrity after transport.


  5. even i tried a lot to install but the same error repating tried all the possibilited like changing DVD drive and connecting a IDE DVD drive n all but still it doesn’t work .. 🙁


  6. TKS for the msg…
    I too had the same problem…
    The culprit is the DVD which i used.
    I used a new one….
    now its working fine


  7. Same problem, and yes the ISO is definetely bugged…
    5 hours of madness 😀

    thanks for the thread guys, I hope others will find it sooner than me.


  8. thanks for posting!

    If it was not for this post I would have spent several frustrating hours instead of just 1 trying to get it to go.


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