1. Thank u! Thank u! Thank u!
    This solution works like a charm…. we had scheduled for upgrade for other clients but after this, we put the upgrade on hold… problem is, why does this happen…
    is it because of the sharepoint search?… but bottom line is , your solution works…
    you jus saved my life 😉

    Thank u! thank u!!!!!!!

    Skhumbuzo Mjoji (jnr EPM/SharePoint Technologist)

  2. Glad we could help you 🙂

    We suspect it’s got something to do with the DB Schema changes since Beta 2. Apparently they (MS) made a mistake in the upgrade process of the database.

    Luckily it’s in the search database which you can easily recreate.


  3. Excellent tip and obvious when you think about it. Wished I’d found your article 3 hours ago………………..

    Andy Bonner

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