1. Nice work! Although a mobile app would make much more sense. If the camera is supported by a NAS (eg: Synology), you may not need your own app.


    • I am planning to port this C# code to WinRT in the future for a mobile app. This should be easily doable. The same goes for Windows Phone. I have a Windows 8 tablet at home and I can use this app straight from my tablet (it’s x86 architecture). If had made it a Windows Store App, I would need to through the Windows Store to do this.

      My camera actually is supported by my Synology Nas, but I really found Surveillance Station from Synology not that great performance wise. Choppy video streams etc. Especially on my tablet, where I have to use it via a browser. I don’t like to brag, but my app does perform fast:).

      Chris van Beek

  2. hello..how are you…thank you for your nice code
    I need your help …I can not view image from my IP camera wih your code (I set the URL and username and password)
    the model of my IP camera is panasonic/BL-C111CE..
    help me please:(


    • Hi there,

      Unfortunately I can not tell you specifically where this goes wrong as I don’t have your camera model. I can not view the response or error. If you could tell me what goes wrong I could be of more help. If I have to make a guess I would say that it has to with the length of each image part in the response. Not all cameras communicate this length. This would mean that you would have to read the resposne, seperating the parts based on a seperator sequence of characters.

      Chris van Beek

      • hi Chris van Beek
        thank you for your answer 🙂
        I think my problem is in my URL
        in firefox the url that show my cameras images is (
        when I set the code’s url to and run it,the error is

        An unhandled exception of type ‘System.ArgumentException’ occurred in mscorlib.dll
        Additional information: The camera did not return a mjpeg stream

        then i changed the _videoRelative = “/videostream.cgi?resolution=32&rate=0” to _videoRelative = “/CgiStart?page=Single&Language=0”
        again the above error occured

        also when I enter my firefox url in this mode http:///videostream.cgi?resolution=32&rate=0 ..it can not find the request URL …
        should I enter the port of my camera in the url ?


        • What do you mean with the port? Isn’t your camera running on port 80? If it isn’t than you should enter the port. If it is, I think your camera might actually not send back a mjpegstream. Maybe there is some developer information about your camera available? Maybe it has a specific uri for mjpeg. I think this is only fixable if there is some documentation available..

          Chris van Beek

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