1. Good question re why do test cases need to be Xml. This allows for a few scenarios that would not be so easily acheived if the test cases were source code based:

    Firstly, you can autogenerate test cases, for example I have customers that are using BizUnit v1.0 and then use Excel to define their test matrix, they autogenerate test cases directly from Excel, this allows them to get massive test coverage very easily.

    Secondly, at test-time it’s very easy to change and tweek a test case since you only need to edit Xml, this makes for a more productive testing environment.

    I hope that helps, if you’re still not convinced, give it a go and see what you think,



    Kev Smith

  2. Hi Kevin,

    A big question I am strugling with! , please tell me how do use Excel to define the test matrix, then autogenerate BizUnit test cases directly from Excel ???

    I am online @ – kabita2k@yahoo.com

    Kavita Dhageya

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