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There’s a new episode of dotnetFlix available. In this episode Prajeesh Prathap from Info Support shows how to use the combination of PowerShell DSC and Chocolatey to maintain a consistent software-configuration accross multiple machines.

Watch this episode on the dotnetFlix website or on Channel9.

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I’ve been working in IT since 1999 and currently working as Solution Architect at Info Support. I have a strong passion for building distributed systems, systems integration, software architecture and patterns, software craftsmanship, devops, Microsoft Azure, and sharing knowledge about these subjects. I do this by vlogging, speaking on events, training people, and writing articles. I’m primarily a ‘back-end’ guy (so no expert in the field of front-end technologies) and although I’m fairly technically T-shaped, my primary focus is on Microsoft technology. I’m the owner of the Web-Scale Architecture NL MeetUp group and initiator of dotnetFlix, a public video channel to inspire the Dutch community to pick-up on innovative technology. Within Info Support, I’m lead for the Microsoft Competence Center product owner for the .NET part of Info Support’s software factory Endeavour.

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