1. Hi, I’ve installed the provider but cannot find any new menu entries in vb6 or vs2003 to access the dialogs you post. Can you provide details on how to get started?

    Thanks, Matt


  2. I forgot to say that to start the whole thing up you need to Do File->Sourc Control->TFS MSSCCI Provider.

    A VS2005 Splash screen follows (hmm, does this means VS2005 should be one the machine???) and then you can trigger the rest by perfoming things like ‘Add Solution to SOurce Control’ as you are used to with VSS.

    I’ll update the screen shots for this piece.

    HTH, Raimond

    Raimond Brookman

  3. Does it support side by side with VSS so I can have some projects in VSS and others in TFS?


    Paul Litwin

  4. Side by side is supported because you can selected the source control provider in the Tools->Options configuration settings. This is limited to solutions though AFAIK. So either the whole solution and its projects are in VSS or in TFS.


  5. Just to mention, that VS2003 and VS2005 MUST be with SP1 (both). Then you need to apply hotfix for VS2005 SP1, that solves some sharepoint problem (KB932544 WSS 3.0 support for TFS). Location: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/KB932544/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=902.
    Besides that, TFS user must have permissions to TFS, Reporting Services, Sharepoint.


  6. With web applications TFS doesn’t work right. I canot create fodler tree correctly, because web app is in InetPub folder, not the solution folder.


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